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Mint and cats, cats and mint.

We’re closing on a house on the 10th. We’ve been rental nomads for so long, this feels unreal. I have big plans for being a homeowner. I’ve had container gardens this whole time but it isn’t easy. I could plant things like tomatoes in a container but I just don’t have the gumption. I’ve stuck to herbs such as mint. Mint is so easy! I knew a girl who took the piece of mint that was a garnish for her mojito home with her, stuck it in water, rooted it, and planted it. It lived and did nicely. This is my current container of mint:


It looks like it is escaping.

My biggest wish is to be more self sufficient so my homeowner plans are all to further that. I want to be prepared if a zombie apocalypse happens. I’m a huge Walking Dead and Z Nation fan.

I want to:
Cut out the processed foods and cook from scratch
Bake our own bread
Have a garden and grow some of our own food
Have backyard chickens
Use less plastic in the kitchen and recycle more
Put in a rain barrel
Start canning and preserving food

… and more!

Big hopes and plans, I know. Especially with us having full time jobs and two small boys. It is a suburban house, but it is on a little over half an acre so at least we have a little plot of land.

I will admit that I don’t have any experience with chickens, but I’ve read a lot, and I have lots of cats. I know chickens require different care than cats, but at least I have an idea of animal care. That counts for something, right?


I have such big hopes, and dreams, and plans. I hope that I can make them happen!

Tell me what your plans for a better future are. Are you into recycling? Gardening? Backyard chickens? Something else?

30 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 4 – Your Dream Job

I haven’t totally stuck to this being a daily thing. I really admire daily bloggers and how hard they work to get a post out regularly. I start a post, get distracted by the need to update my sidebar, get stuck on Pinterest searching crockpot recipes when I’m supposed to be searching sidebar help, come back and write some more, realize I need to go to bed, and then 3 days later come back and work on it again. But then I wander off to search for social media icons.

So, dream job. I don’t have one. Nope, sorry. I’m not crazy in love with what I do (basically an office worker) but it’s OK and it pays the bills. I love working with the spay/neuter clinic on Saturdays for their vaccine clinics because I love the animals. Is it my dream job though? No just because I think doing it all the time would be really heartbreaking. I have fun with blogging and social media but I think if it was a full time thing, it might stop being fun for me.

This is so off the wall, but my dream job would be something that allowed me to hang out on the beach on a regular basis, work at a pet rescue so that I could help kitties while playing with them, and go to yard sales and thrift stores to shop whenever I wanted. I could dye my hair purple (my corporate-esque job now frowns upon unnatural hair colors) and wear glitter rimmed glasses and flip flops every day. I would also have free time to go to my kiddo’s school functions every time, and I could stop in the middle of my day to bake chocolate chip pecan cookies for no reason.

If you see a job ad with that description, message me pronto, OK? I’ll even share some of the chocolate chip pecan cookies with you.


Thankful Thursday for Extra Hours

Hubby and I are trying to buy a house for our little home. He has been working part time since coming off the road as an over the road truck driver. He loves the company but they didn’t have full time hours available. He has worked there 6 months and I was starting to lose hope and he considered whether to go somewhere else. He decided he wanted to stick it out though. I kept praying for patience for myself. I kept praying for strength for Hubby because it was such a tough situation for him.

Today he called me and said that not only were they putting him on a better shift so that he will be home for dinner, but that they are making him full time. I’m so, so thankful. His manager was given the choice of hiring a second part-time person, or making Hubby full time, and he chose to make Hubby full time time.
I need to remember to be patient. Good things come with time.

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